Single Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

When Reliability is Priority ?

Single sided flexible printed circuit boards were first introduced in the 1950’s. They are the most conventional type of PCBs. These PCBs offer immense reliability and accuracy. However, with lesser board space, fewer components can be mounted on them. These PCBs are used in simple applications that don’t require intricate circuitry.

Why Opt for Single Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Boards ?

Can be used for prototyping
Lowers designing and testing cost
Can be designed quickly
Easy to produce
Fast turnaround time
Reliable connections

All the advantages that single-sided PCBs offer stem from a common root – they are uncomplicated. Since there is no complex design, time taken for fabrication is lower. Therefore, the time taken by the employees as well as the machines is lesser. Since the overall effort for designing and production is low, the cost is low as well.

Single sided flexible printed circuit board

Application Examples of Single Sided Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Single layer flexible PCBs are used in a variety of industries and applications. Some of these are:

LED Lights
Surveillance Equipment
Coffee Makers
Vibration Motors Used in Mobile Phones & Tablets

Rugged Single Sided Flexible PCBs from A-Flex

We offer various options of board materials and thicknesses, conformal coatings, mounting technologies, etc. Our products can be customized and fabricated depending on your application requirements. We offer these services for single prototypes as well as large orders. Our design, fabrication, and testing processes are the same irrespective of the product type or the order quantity.

At A-Flex, the most brilliant minds are at work utilizing state-of the-art technology and processes to deliver outstanding results. We guarantee our clients complete satisfaction. Our long list of patrons, who have been with us since our inception are witness to our success and quality.

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