Printed Circuit Boards for Telecom Industry

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are extremely useful in the telecom industry. A wide range of electronic components used in various telecommunication devices are mechanically supported and electrically connected with the help of high-end PCBs.

A-Flex, a leading manufacturer of specialized PCBs, has developed superior quality circuit boards to meet the demanding requirements of the telecom industry. Right from the indoor day-to-day applications to the devices used at offices, A-Flex PCBs serve the purpose of providing much needed electrical connectivity.

A-Flex manufactures printed circuit boards that are made of various materials such as copper or aluminum. These materials meet the ever-changing needs of the growing telecom industry.

Which telecom industry applications make use of PCBs? PCBs by A-Flex are intricately designed and orchestrated in ways that will support working of telecom devices even in harsh environmental conditions, fluctuating temperatures, and extreme outdoor weather. Some of the most common applications of the telecommunication industry that make efficient use of PCBs are:

  • Wireless communication systems
  • Mobile phone tower systems
  • Electronic data storage devices
  • Cell transmission and tower electronics
  • Communication technology used in space
  • Signal boost systems (online)
  • Video conferencing technologies
  • Video collaboration systems
  • High speed servers and routers
  • Satellite systems and communication devices
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Telephonic switching systems
  • PBX systems
  • Security technology and information communication systems
  • Technology for commercial phones
  • Land wired communication systems
  • Industrial wireless communication technology
  • Communication systems used in military and defense applications
  • Digital and analog broadcasting systems
  • Mobile communication systems

At A-Flex, we use the latest technologies, specialized processes, and high-end equipment to manufacture printed circuit boards in the size and shape required as per the telecom application. Our team of expert and dedicated engineers makes sure that the PCBs can be integrated in your telecommunication device with ease and efficiency.

The main requirement of telecommunications industry is reduction in the size of devices while providing maximum mobility. Our PCBs are designed to meet these requirements and to support various additional features for the advancement of telecom industry.

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