Importance of Printed Circuit Boards in Various Industries

The continual demand for smaller, smarter, and more powerful electronic devices has made Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) indispensable products in many industrial applications today. PCBs are extensively used not only as the basis for electronic circuits, but also the mechanical base on which the circuits can be built.

Printed Circuit Boards – Industries Served PCBs can support various industries by providing advantageous benefits to diverse applications.

Aerospace: PCBs can be designed to provide advanced connectivity and electrical solutions. The circuit boards are constructed using substrates made from copper or aluminum. High temperature laminates protect the PCB, allowing for smooth operation in challenging environments. A few aerospace applications include:
Radio communication systems Temperature sensors Cockpit & board instrumentation control systems Read More

Industrial Electronic Products: Industrial electronics has always been a core application area for PCBs. The spectrum of applications in this industry is enormous, and various types of PCBs (single or double sided, and multi-layered) can be used to support applications. A few well-known electronic applications are:
Industrial controls Feedback devices Digital meters Read More

Computers and Business Electronics: Printed circuit boards are essential for the operation of computers. They are manufactured utilizing either a conductive path process or a photolithographic process. Thermally conductive materials such as brass, copper, and aluminum can improve performance and reduce heat generation. Some popular applications include:
Printers and projectors Network hardware Camera systems Read More

Automobiles: PCBs provide high performance solutions for electronic controls, which are the basis of automobiles today. The circuit boards can provide benefits such as adherence to pollution requirements, low electromagnetic interference, increased fuel efficiency, and low power consumption. A few automotive applications include:
Antilock brake systems Engine timing systems DC/AC power converters Read More

Maritime: Specially designed RF module printed circuit boards can support technical operating systems of small, medium, and large sized aquatic vessels. The PCBs are also designed to provide mechanical support as well as electronic connectivity for maritime electronic devices. A few important applications include:
GPS system Marine VHF radio Anti-jam systems Read More

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs): PCBs are used to support LEDs in diverse industrial applications in terms of mechanical support and electrical connectivity. These are constructed with glass and ceramic substrates to enable brightness and durability for LED applications. Some of the popular applications are:
High growth plant lighting Airport landing lights Solar power products Read More

Defense: Heavy duty PCBs are designed to meet the needs of defense and military applications. They are designed to work under harsh environments and extreme climates and temperatures. Substrates can be manufactured using high materials such as copper, temperature resistant laminates, and anodized aluminum. Some common applications include:
Automated command and control systems Radio communication systems Audio interface applications Read More

Medical: Precise and accurate PCBs are developed to support the efficient functioning of medical devices, which are used in hospitals and clinics. The circuit boards are designed with high density interconnects to provide high frequencies that will support various types of equipment, including:
Blood glucose monitors Pacemakers Defibrillators Read More

Telecommunication: PCBs are extremely useful in the telecom industry. They can support electronic machines used in daily office activities, as well as telecommunication devices that are installed in harsh environments. High grade copper and aluminum are utilized to meet standard and custom requirements. Some important telecom applications include:
Communication satellites Mobile phone tower systems Large electronic data storage devices Read More

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