Multilayer Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

When Increased Connections is Priority ?

Multilayer flexible PCBs comprise three or more layers. Each layer is separated by an insulating material. All the layers are connected with the help of plated through holes (PTH). Connections are featured on all layers of the boards. These PCBs feature high-density connections and are used in critical applications.

When designing the PCBs, one must remember that the degree of flexibility of the PCB is indirectly proportional to the number of layers. What this means is that higher the number of layers, lower will be the flexibility.

Multilayer flexible PCBs are used in specific applications that require high number of connections. In today’s technologically advanced era, multilayer flexible PCBs are used in nearly all electronic products and systems. With the advent of PCBs, the possibilities of application design and manufacturing are immense. With flexibility and multiple layers added to the equation, the creativity of the designer is limitless.

Multilayer flexible PCB

Why Opt for Multilayer Flexible PCBs ?

High density connections
Anti-vibration features
Impedance control
Versatility in applications
Due to the flexibility, the PCB can be easily integrated into most designs
Superior signal integrity
Lightweight construction
Increased functionality in smaller footprint - compact design
Can be used in rugged applications

  • Application Examples of Multilayer Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
  • Multilayer flexible PCBs are used in the following applications:

    Temperature Sensors used on Aircrafts
    LED-Based Lighting Systems
    Radio Communication Systems (AMRAAM - Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missiles)
    Supporting Robotics in Monorails
    Satellite and Navigation Systems

    Aerospace Grade Flexible PCBs from A-Flex

    The PCBs designed by A-Flex are used by organizations looking for aerospace and military grade flex PCBs. These PCBs offer the strength and reliability needed in such applications. The rugged construction allows them to be used in harsh conditions without causing any harm to the components and internal circuitry of the PCB.

    If the application environment is very demanding and the PCB tends to move or vibrate a lot, components could malfunction or get damaged. The materials, components, and construction utilized by A-flex ensure zero vibration. This is needed to safeguard the products as well as improve reliability.

    The reliability of a PCB is the most important aspect. In mission critical situations, the user should be assured of the functionality of the application. We provide this assurance to all our clients looking for dependable solutions to their PCB problems.

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