Printed circuit Boards Serving the Military Industry

PCBs for military operations require possessing high reliability factor and long-lasting applications under extreme climatic and environmental conditions. This sector deals with heavy machinery and crucial weapons and similar devices that require immense electronic and mechanical support for wiring and electrical connectivity. High-efficiency and performance-oriented printed circuit boards are essential for defense sector dealing with aviation, ground activities, warfare management and varied other security operations that require constant communication and surveillance facilities.

A-Flex Serving the Military Industry with High-precision PCBs A-Flex is known for its highly competent technology of PCB manufacturing as their products serve a gamut of industries with precision, accuracy and complete quality. Our PCB assemblies for the military sector are manufactured keeping in mind the critical operating systems and electronic applications pertaining to the defense industry. We supply a wide range of PCBs for naval applications as well. Besides, PCB's role in facilitating applications associated with space weapons is also considerable. A-Flex designs and manufactures printed circuit boards with an extensive range of materials, construction and composites highly required in military applications.

For years, A-Flex has served several industrial sectors with its high-quality, long lasting printed circuit boards with single, double and multi layers that are considered to be precision-made, based on technical supremacy, high-density connectivity and accuracy functionality. We manufacture both flexible and rigid PCBs depending upon the clients' usage and business requirements.

Following are the varied operations wherein military PCBs for defense applications are used:

  • Cross targeting systems (Cryptanalysis systems)
  • Air cartographic photography (Automatic search jamming systems)
  • Cross targeting systems (Cryptanalysis systems)
  • Radio communication systems (AMRAAM - Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missiles)
  • Over horizon enforcement networks (Cyber counterintelligence systems)
  • Power supplies (AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control System)
  • Automation networks (Command and control systems)
  • LED lighting systems (AEW&C - Airborne Early Warning & Control)
  • Power converters (ASRAAM - Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missiles)
  • Radar installations (APU - Auxiliary Power Units)
  • Audio interface applications (IADS - Integrated Air Defense System
  • Control tower systems (ECCM - Electronic Counter-Countermeasures)
  • Instrumentation (CIWS - Close In Weapons Systems)
  • Temperature sensors (FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared)

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