Printed Circuit Boards Benefiting the Maritime Industry

Maritime industry deals with several marine electronics and applications which require the mechanical support and electronic connectivity provided by maritime electronic PCBs. As a matter of fact, marine industry that includes big, medium sized and small aquatic vessels like ships, passenger boats, yachts etc. apart from numerous other technical operating systems is highly dependent upon electronic processes and applications controlling significant mechanisms.

The various electronic devices that play a significant role in controlling and regulating marine movement and management are:

  • Autopilot and/or self-steering systems
  • Chart polar
  • Radar
  • Marine VHF Radio
  • GPS System
  • Compass
  • Fish Finder/ Sonar

A-Flex is known for its technical supremacy in manufacturing RF module PCBs to facilitate maritime industry and its varied applications associated with transmission and receiving of radio signal of carrier frequencies. An efficient RF module PCB is extremely important as the same must operate with accurate components and required layout that is needed to achieve operational success on a specific frequency.

When it comes to meeting PCB requirements from maritime industry, A-Flex have never let its clients down for any technical, functional or application-based issues. We provide PCB assemblies that meet the applications pertaining to the following processes:

  • Signal processors
  • Active aperture arrays
  • RF & superconducting technology
  • Signal splitters
  • Electronic warfare
  • Output filters
  • Navigation
  • Attenuators
  • Electro-optic/infrared processors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Radar and sonar
  • Optic converters
  • Electronic counter measurement devices
  • Line amplifiers
  • Time keeping technology
  • High band VHF systems
  • Solid state laser technology
  • Input power conditioners
  • Communication and networking
  • Voice operated squelch modules
  • Fuse and timing circuits
  • High voltage regulators
  • Power supplies
  • Signal amplifiers
  • High power RF modules
  • Anti-jam systems
  • Beacon and strobe systems
  • Antenna systems

Engineers and highly expert operators at A-Flex ensure completion of our client's projects on time. We assure high-quality and performance-oriented maritime electronic PCBs, which meet our customers' expectations in terms of efficiency, accuracy, timely performance, durability and technical supremacy.

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