Role of Printed Circuit Boards in Automotive Industry

As automotive industry is progressively marching towards technological advancements and innovations, several applications in today's automobiles are based on electronic control for their proper operation. Automotive PCBs or electronic control circuits are offering reliable and high-grade performance while providing control systems for issues like pollution, fuel economy and safety norms. PCBs create the basic foundation for interconnecting varied electronic parts and process in a vehicle.

A-Flex since ages has successfully manufactured Automotive PCBs that are in high demand by the automobile industry for their accuracy and efficiency in performance.

Benefits of Combining Electronic PCBs with Automobile Industry

Inclusion of PCB controlled electronic system brings maximum performance, cost-effectiveness and reliability

It controls and adheres to the stringent pollution requirements
Adds comfort and leads to easy operation of automobile parts and enhances safety norms
It creates low electromagnetic interference
Ensures better fuel- efficiency
Low power consumption

Printed circuit board is an integral part of all the electronic systems that operate in the automobile. Electronic processes control numerous applications in a vehicle, which include:

  • Ignition System
  • Power Steering
  • Climate Control
  • Timed Wiper
  • Transmission Control Unit
  • Central Door Locking
  • Blinkers
  • Seat adjustment system
  • Electronic Lamp Driving
  • Fan Speed Control
  • Navigation System
  • Air bags Control
  • Engine Management System
  • Anti-theft system
  • Audio-video system and so on.

Business Benefits Provided by A-Flex Since 1997, A-Flex has been successfully meeting its clients' electronic requirements by supplying world-grade printed circuit boards that carry out numerous applications and operations with perfect efficiency and outcome. Our products can be considered better than our competitors as we consistently focus on developing our technical aptitude in order to provide efficiency, cost-effectiveness, durability and performance with every single delivery. A-Flex is aware of all the types of PCB assemblies useful for the application in the automotive industry. Hence manufactures the same in the form of single side PCBs, flexible PCBs (both single and double side), Rigid PCBs (double sided) and multilayered PCBs used for the following applications:

  • Power relays
  • Transmission sensors
  • Anti-lock brake systems
  • On board radar
  • Stereo and audio components
  • ECL/ECU control modules
  • Engine timing systems
  • Electronic mirror controls
  • Digital displays
  • Interior LED lighting systems
  • DC/AC power converters

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