Printed Circuit Boards for Aerospace and Satellite Industry

Printed Circuit Boards with high reliability factor and with high level of performance are immensely required by the aerospace industry in the form of satellite PCBs. Aerospace circuit board assemblies are expected to provide highly advanced connectivity and mechanical solutions in space or on commercial passenger jet.

aerospace industry pcb

Why Should You Choose A-Flex for Various Usages of PCBs For the aerospace and satellite industry, A-Flex offers satellite PCB assemblies with features like copper and aluminum sub-strata and high temperature laminates that operate unfailingly under challenging environmental conditions. Our PCBs also contain aluminum sub-strata which effectively eliminate the influence of oxidation induced by heat.

The various PCB Applications related to Aerospace and Satellite Industry are listed below:

Audio interface applications
APU (Auxiliary Power Units)
Control tower Instrumentation systems
Battery Warming
LED lighting systems
Cockpit & Board Instrumentation control systems
Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR)
Radar installations
Temperature sensors
Power converters & converters

Apart from these above mentioned applications, PCBs are also in demand by the aerospace industry for varied other operational requirements such as:

Radio Communication system
Power Converters
Power Supplies
ASRAAM (Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missiles)
AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missiles)

At A-Flex, we are known for our supremacy in manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards that meet our clients’ numerous industrial requirements related to highly critical applications. Be it flexible printed circuit or PCB assembly equipment, A-Flex assures supply of efficient and result-driven aerospace circuit boards that would facilitate the overall mechanical and electronic operating systems. A-Flex constantly focuses at innovation and advancement in the field of PCB technology and this brings out the most apt products designed to meet applicable requirements from varied industries.

At A-Flex, we make sure to manufacture and supply PCBs of highest quality and efficiency level that would be fit for your various aerospace and satellite-based applications. Our expert and experienced staff are highly qualified in producing flawless PCB assemblies that meet all your industrial purposes and requirement without any flaw or defect.

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